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The Bora in Dalmatia is more than just a wind, it is the wind upon which many local products depend. One of the most famous products still traditionally produced is Dalmatian smoked ham. Without the strong Bora north wind this delicacy could not be produced. This traditional production, in particular the natural drying of  ham when the Bora wind blows, gives the ham its unique taste and the aroma of Dalmatian herbs.

A visit to Zadar and its surroundings is incomplete without seeing the traditional way of life. Our exciting journey takes you to Nin, where you can discover salt of the highest quality. Nin is a city with a glorious past. As a former Croatian Royal Town and one of the most important cultural centres of the early Croatian State, there are many unique monuments of early Croatian architecture in Nin, especially from the 8th and 9th centuries. Of special interest is the compact Holy Cross church from the 9th  century, which is also the smallest cathedral in the world.


  • Visit cultural and historical monuments
  • Taste local products in traditional places
  • Demonstration of salt production


You will love this tour from the very first bite...
Holidays are the perfect time to splurge out on relaxing and overdoing it a bit with desserts and sweets. We’ve been thinking of you and decided to sweeten your stay with us even more. Join us in this research programme in which we present 3000 years of Zadar history in a unique way. During a visit to the Kalelarga (Calle Larga), learn about Maraschino liqueur  and of course enjoy a tasting session. Give special thanks to the famous marasca cherry from the Zadar region, which has given rise to so many cake variations. During our tour we taste home-made cherry chocolate, as well divine, organic fig biscuits. Let us sweeten your day.


  • Visit the most famous historical sites in Zadar
  • Local tips and stories
  • Taste the famous Maraschinos
  • Taste home-made cakes and chocolates



Wonderfully tasty! The strong character of the dry winter wind produces the creamy-yellowish Pag cheese - one of the ten best cheeses in the world. Join us in exploring Pag: its rocky surface, pebble beaches and wonderful aromatic plants, including tasting sessions of Pag cheese – the outstanding local product. One of the world’s best cheeses comes from Pag. It has won many international prizes and has become an integral part of international cuisine.

  • Delicacies of Quark from cow’s milk – a fresh speciality with high nutritional value
  • Kozlar cheese – a mild and creamy goat's milk cheese
  • Cheese with pumpkin seeds / cheese with pepper – semi-hard cheese made from cow's milk with supplements
  • Pag cheese – authentic and unique – 100% hard sheep's milk cheese, the milk used in Croatian cheese that has won the most awards.
  • Zigljen extra old – mature cow's and sheep's milk cheese from Dalmatia (older than 5 months). Winner of numerous international awards
  • Cheese with truffles – a light, spicy cheese with black truffle, an intense aroma, winner of two gold stars at the Great Taste Awards



  • Journey of discovery along the Pag coast and to the islands 
  • Private tour of charming Pag town
  • Introduction to Pag lace - the island’s local, finely handcrafted embroidery – still made the traditional way
  • Cheese world - various samples