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The Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group commissioned four international architects to plan and implement Punta Skala. The architects placed as much emphasis on conservation of the environment and preservation of natural habitats as they did on high-quality design and exclusive interiors.

One of the most exceptional resort facilities in Europe has been created in conjunction with the team from Michaeler & Partner, which was responsible for project development, resort development, general planning and construction. 
Boris Podrecca is an internationally recognised and acclaimed architect. His Croatian roots and  previous work made him the perfect choice to come up with the best possible architectural solution for Punta Skala.
Three experienced architects also took care of the interior design: 
Matteo Thun studied under Oskar Kokoschka and has been inaugurated into the Design Hall of Fame in New York. 
Beate Mitterhofer and Gretchen Alexander have many years of experience working on international projects. Designing a resort of this scale and quality was a major challenge for them both. They had to find the best architectural solution for Punta Skala, while simultaneously creating the optimum environment for a modern way of life. This was especially challenging because they had to take local considerations into account. 
The colours of Punta Skala were the inspiration behind their various creations. The gleaming white beaches, the lush emerald green of the forests, the piercing blue of the water, and the grey of the stones bleached by the sun represent an impressive palette of colours that is reflected in many project details.